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November | Message from our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

How different and wonderful it was to have the pleasure of observing our High Holy Days at 1607 Genesee Street again. Many thanks to Marsha Silverman and Rabbi Geier for preparing the Sanctuary for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It looked like everyone had an extra smile on their face to be able to share our services at our original home.

We thank Mark and Kathy Smith for the lovely bimah flowers on Rosh Hashanah in memory of Marty and Bernice Smith and Ed Kowalsky for the lovely flowers in memory of his dad Billy Kowalsky on Yom Kippur.

Many thanks to all our members who accepted Aliyah’s and Honors. Elliot Rabin, who has shared our Rosh Hashanah service for many years again shared his knowledge and ability davening and delivering a sermon.

It was very special and very beautiful to share the services with our own special Rabbi Geier’s smile, his ability to keep singing as long as the service requires is amazing and made the entire holiday so special.

Let’s all try to attend services Friday Night and/or Saturday morning to enjoy Rabbi’s wonderful voice and services, it has to be good for our souls.

After preparing for the holidays and being able to enjoy and share our holiest days together let us share a happy, healthy, and peaceful year. Let us enjoy our families and friends. May Israel and our world share peace.



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