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Jewish Lifecycle Support

We are dedicated to providing the support you need during the important moments in your life's journey. Whether you're commemorating the bar or bat mitzvah of your son or daughter, planning a marriage ceremony, or  navigating challenging end-of-life moments, our dedicated clergy and caring team is here to give you the support and guidance you need.

Naming Cermonies

Simchat Bat & Brit Milah

For the joyous occasion of a baby's birth, rabbi presides over the baby naming ceremony – Simchat Bat (for girls). He guides parents through the significance of these rites, offering blessings and prayers for the new baby.

For the blessing of a newborn baby boy, Rabbi can direct you to a mohel who will perform a Brit Milah (circumcision in the Jewish custom) at 8 days old, per Jewish custom.

B'nei Mitzvah

Our individualized B'nei Mitzvah classes are designed to guide and support families as they prepare for the celebration of their child's Bar or Bat Mitzvah. From learning Torah portions to understanding the significance of the mitzvot, we ensure that your child is well-prepared for this momentus occasion.

This program emphasizes the importance of being an active participant in the synagogue community, encouraging social engagement and the development of lasting friendships.

Reading from the Torah
Bar/Bat Mitzvah


In Jewish weddings, rabbi serves as a spiritual leader, officiating the ceremony and imparting blessings upon the couple. The rabbi plays a crucial role in ensuring that the wedding adheres to Jewish traditions and customs, providing guidance on the sacred vows and rituals that make the union a meaningful and spiritual experience.


Death and Mourning

We are here for you during your time of grief and loss.


While preparing for a funeral, the rabbi provides pastoral care to grieving families. He conducts the funeral service according to the conservative Jewish custom.


Rabbi also helps the community come together to mourn, providing solace and a sense of closure through the Jewish mourning rituals, such as the recitation of Kaddish and the burial ceremony.

Click here to learn about our temple cemeteries.


Jewish Conversion (Giyur)

For individuals interested in joining the Jewish faith, we hold conversion classes once a week. Our classes teach the core tenants of conservative Judaism, the principles of Jewish tradition and culture, and everything you need to know on your journey to Judaism.

Click here for resources on Conservative Judaism.

Reading a Book

Bikur Cholim (Support in Sickness)

In Jewish tradition, the practice of Bikur Cholim involves providing support to members of the community who are unwell or facing health challenges.


The role of a rabbi in Bikur Cholim involves visiting the sick, offering prayers, and providing emotional comfort to patients and their families. Rabbi also collaborates with community members to organize meals, transportation, and other forms of assistance for those who are unwell.

Bikur Cholim

Are you interested in Jewish history and religious texts in a fun, informal atmosphere?

Ready to improve your Hebrew?

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