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Rabbi Gustavo Geier

Temple Beth El – Rabbi Geier

I am Gustavo Daniel Geier. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 16th, 1965.

My family was affiliated to Temple Beth El (Buenos Aires), connected to the Conservative movement. From then on I was time and again getting involved in everything Jewish, acting as a chazzan and, at the same time, creating a very strong bond with Rabbi Marshall T. Meyer – the founder of the Latin-American Rabbinical Seminary, to which I enrolled in 2016 to conclude my rabbinic studies.

Since 1980 I have occupied distinct positions in central functions at the heart of the Jewish community of my country, such as:

  • Hazzanut: all kinds of celebrations, special dates, memorials, funerals, etc.

  • Hadrachah: madrich, coordinator of madrichim, machanot designer

  • Talmud torah: classes of Hebrew Language, Tanach, Halachah, Machshevet Israel, Parashat haShavua; classes for conversion and bar/bat mitzvah; classes for people with disabilities or those from outside the Jewish community; coordination of morim and parents reunions

  • Rabbanut: assistant rabbi, full-time rabbi, drashot; youth department; spiritual accompaniment; deep communication with social care; bikur cholim


In this diversity of functions I have worked in many communities in the city of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area: Comunidad Jerusalem, Comunidad Bet-El, Comunidad Or Jadash, Comunidad Bet-Jai de la Escuela Natán Gesan, Comunidad El-Jai, Bialik de Villa Devoto, Comunidad NCI, Comunidad Benei Tikvá.

From 2017 to 2020 I was in charge of clergy at Comunidad Hebrea de Guadalajara, Mexico City, Mexico as a rabbinical student. In 2020 I opened my institute of biblical literature, Judaic texts and Hebrew language, Majón Bereshit. ​From November, 2021 to this day I have been in charge of clergy at Temple Beth El, New York, USA.

I completed my rabbinic studies at the Rabbinical Academy at Mesifta Adath Wolkowisk, New York, USA, and was ordained rabbi in October, 2022.

Contact Rabbi

Contact the Rabbi

WhatsApp: (+52) 33 1309-1879

Mobile: (315) 601-1740

Office phone: (315) 272-1755

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