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July/August 2023 | Message from our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

It is almost to the middle of June, summer is on its way, if we look back to all the day’s we have observed, our year is very close to ending.

The nicest part about it is we have nice weather to look forward to and enjoy. This message is for 2 months, July and August and summer in Utica is almost always happy and relaxing.

Let’s think back to all the services, the very nice and fun functions we have enjoyed. Let’s give thought to attending Shabbat services on Friday night and or Saturday morning, our wonderful Rabbi Geier would be so happy to welcome us on either or both days.

Being back in our original building is comfortable and does bring back memories. The office is in what used to be the library, we do have lots of empty shelves, we have slowly but surely found lots of books, menorahs, and candle sticks to put in them and they look interesting. You are welcome to stop and say hello anytime.

We had our gift shop at the Jewtica Festival and sold some lovely items. One couple was delighted to find a baby book for their sister, who is expecting in a few weeks. The Gift Shop is set up on the lower level near our sweet sanctuary. Stop for services and visit the Gift Shop.

I wish you all a happy, healthy summer, the Temple is always open and so very welcoming, call if you need us.




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