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November | Message from our Executive Director

Hello Friends,

It is hard to believe that October is drawing to a close already, the High Holy Days and festivals have been observed, still on zoom, and Chanukah starts the 28th of November.

We are in the process of packing up our office and the small sanctuary to move back to our previous home at 1607 Genesee Street.

How interesting that in going through so many files, books, labels and papers many have the old address on them and can be used again. After about 15 years of using 2710 Genesee Street and the 02 zip code we will have to go back to 1607 and the 01.

Temple Beth El had its first home in 1919 on Hopper and Union Street in downtown Utica, this was supposed to be a permanent home for TBE but in 1927 the members purchased the site for a new Temple at 1607 Genesee Street. The first service was held on August 1, 1930. In 2006 we sadly sold our wonderful building and joined to share Temple EmanuEl's building at 2710 Genesee Street and now we are returning to what was our home from 1930 to 2006.

It has been quite a journey and who knows where it will lead us. We look forward to happy days for our congregation and send good wishes to Temple Emanu-El.

We will be at the RCIL building 1607 Genesee Street. Feel welcome to stop and say hello.




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