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May | Message from our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

By the time you get this bulletin we will have enjoyed a Seder, the 8 days of Passover, and hopefully it will be warmer on close to a daily schedule.

Our Seder was lovely from the words of the Haggadah to the delicious Passover food, yes, we do like matzah. It will be very nice to see Rabbi Geier and I hope we will be able to hold our services in our lovely sanctuary in our original auditorium, which is very warm and welcoming.

It has taken a short time, but we are feeling very comfortable and at home at 1607 once again. There is a new tenant moving in on the 2 top floors. A group called “4 Elements”. I haven’t many details yet but I understand they are involved in the Art field, it sounds nice and interesting, and we will keep you posted.

I would like to officially invite all of our congregation to come to Erev Shabbat service at 5:30 at the Temple. Zoom will be operational, but I hope to get back to the old days of Temple services on Friday, late afternoon and Saturday morning at 9:30 am. Let’s give it some serious thoughts, with a smile on our faces just to hear and see Rabbi Geier and our friends.

It is time to expect and enjoy nice warm and happy weather, time to read the books we saved to read come Spring and Summer and time to enjoy our services at the original Temple Beth El.

If you have a question feel at ease to call us at TBE, 315 724 4751.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s that read the bulletin. We wish all our readers to stay well, have happy days, and please remember TBE is here for all of us.

Good Wishes,



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