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March | Message from our Executive Director


As I sit here at Temple looking out the window waiting for it to snow I think about the changes that have taken place in the last year.

Our move to the original TBE was traumatic in many ways, we are still very involved in the pandemic and much has affected having regular in person services, that we look forward to along with Rabbi Geier who is anxious to meet the congregation, and the congregation will be very happy to meet him, he is such a warm, happy learned gentleman who wants to share his knowledge and personality with all of us.

We will have these thoughts by the start of March, let’s look forward to being at in person services, (Maybe still with a mask). Stan and I did come to one Friday night service in person and it was very nice to have people we hardly saw all through the last 2 years say hello and share a smile.

Let’s all keep in mind that our Temple is still here for you, we look forward to sharing Temple with many of our members and many who care to join us, this time at 1607 Genesee Street. The sanctuary is lovely and you will enjoy the new atmosphere and the warmth of the service and being with friends. We often think to ourselves, or share with a friend, we would like to see some things change, and here is a very nice way to enjoy an old habit with a new feeling.

I hope all these things will happen soon, please keep it in mind, let’s make it one of our mitzvahs.

Be happy, stay warm and well.




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