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March 2024 | Message from our President

Spring in February was a nice surprise. I hope this finds everyone well.

Did you make your reservations [click here]? We are celebrating Purim with the entire community and Temple Emanu-El will be hosting this year on March 23rd. After we imbibe in some nibbles and cocktails, Rabbi Geier and Rabbi Schaktman will share the reading of the Megillah.

Afterwards, we will PARTY and of course eat. I am looking forward to seeing your costume. Come and share the fun with friends and family.

Please save the dates at the JCC:

  • Community Seder, Monday, April 22nd

  • The Helen and Leon Sperling Holocaust Memorial Lecture, May 9th

  • Jewtica, June 9th

A huge thank you to Mundy Shapiro and Ruth Wolfe for polishing the silver breast plates, yads and crowns for our Torahs. Don’t forget your sunglasses when we open the ark.

About the #BlueSquare Campaign, we have handed out hundreds of blue square pins and yet I do not see many being worn. This campaign in against ALL hate not just Jewish hate. If you do not wear them, who should? If you would like more pins, please ask. They are available at temple and the JCC.

After services on Friday nights and Saturday mornings, we schmooze, drink and share dairy delights. Please feel welcome to join and add to the buffet.

Just a reminder, to save a stamp. You can make your donations or any other payments online through Zeffy [click here].

Bring them home and Shalom,



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