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July/August | Message from our President

It was wonderful seeing the community coming together and celebrating Jewtica! I was honored to work with a wonderful committee and its volunteers. There were countless hours of planning, cooking, setting up, working the event, tearing down and cleaning up. All those involved should be mighty proud of a very successful event.

Please, save the date of August 21st for a celebration at the JCC in honor of Kal Socolof’s 36 years of service to Temple. I hope you will make your reservations for this catered brunch with O’Connor’s Feast and Festivities by calling the office (315-724-4751). Thank you to Ann Nathan for chairing this event.

I would like to thank the Board for staying on way passed their terms. The congregation should be grateful they are willing to give of their time for Temple Beth El.

If you have not met Rabbi Geier, please take the time to say hello. You may reach him at his temple number (315) 272-1755 or his email, A visit to his office with a warm welcome would be even better!

Rabbi is working together with Flavia to update our social media. The webpage looks terrific as does Instagram (@tbeutica) and the Facebook page ( I hope you take a moment or two to check them out. Rabbi is offering a Hebrew class and a Torah class for adults. Check out the flier in this issue.

Temple is in need of your attention.

As I said at the annual meeting, due to their age, the memorial boards require electrical repair before they can be hung in the sanctuary. The ark we are using is falling apart and is not large enough to house the torahs we own. A very generous congregant has offered $5000 towards the purchase of a new ark. These valuable scrolls need a proper home. Please consider donating towards a new ark or the repair of the memorial tablets.

Enjoy the summer,



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