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July/August 2023 | Message from our president


I was so pleased to be able to attend the ordination of Rabbi Geier. I have been joking with him for months that now you are a “real rabbi”! Since day one with our congregation, he has been dedicated to teaching, involved in the community, compassionate to the ill, hardworking and all with a terrific sense of humor. We are so pleased to call him "Our Rabbi." Congratulations!

Jewtica 2023 was a wonderful day of fun, food and entertainment. I would like to thank the committee for all the hours they volunteered for the immense amount of work to make the day a huge success. Special thanks with deep appreciation to Joe, Vic, and Katrena. It never would have happened without you. Save the date for Jewtica 2024, June 9th and let us know if you would like to volunteer for an event that will only be bigger and better!

For the last couple months, I have been handing out pins for the blue square campaign.

Please wear your pin. If we do not stand up to Jewish hate, who will?

If you have not received your blue square pin, please let me know. I will do my best to get you one.



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