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February 2023 | Message from our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

Writing for the February bulletin and not having had but one week of snow is very acceptable, but we know it is not a promise of an easy winter, let’s just hope for good days ahead.

We have TuB’Shevat – the New Year for trees on the calendar on February 6th. Our weather is not typically flower and tree weather, in Israel, the whole countryside is bursting with Spring blossoms.

In Israel a tree is planted for each child born during the year, a cedar sapling, and a cypress for a girl. When the child grows up and marries branches of these trees are used for the chuppah. Trees in our tradition are associated with birth and marriage. Our Torah is called etz hayim, a tree of life.

We must not forget our joint Purim Dinner and Megillah Reading by Rabbi Geier and Cantor Socolof on March 6th at 6PM at Temple Beth Joseph in Herkimer. Everyone is welcome at only $5.00 per person. Ride Sharing is available, reservations must be made by March 1st.

Let’s not forget April 5th, it is the first Seder, we are planning a congregational Seder, as with Purim all are welcome. Please let the Temple Beth El Office know if you are interested.

Everyone seems to agree that time is moving faster than ever, we have to keep up with time, do a good deed, enjoy time with family and friends, try to keep smiling, it makes people we meet happy.

Happy days ahead,



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