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October | Message from our Executive Director

Hello Friends,

As our High Holy Days are again a memory, some at the JCC in person and many on Zoom, we will move forward with the hope of having a better year for all.

We had the pleasure of meeting our new Rabbi, Gustavo Geier. It was a happy treat to listen to his beautiful voice and his personality shining to all of us, at home and in person. We look forward to his return to Utica in early November and our move to our old home at 1607 Genesee Street.

Due to the pandemic, our services were again not as we planned, we had to improvise the Aliyahs and the honors with our members that were in person at the JCC to replace those who had to stay at home. Thank you to all of you who took over at the last minute.

Special thanks to Isabeth Cominsky for doing the preliminary services to start our very important High Holy Days. She is a gem. It was a pleasure to again share Rosh Hashanah with Elliott Rabin, his davening and sermon were up to his usual ability and interest. Thank you, Elliott, for again sharing Rosh Hashanah with us. We were glad you got to meet Rabbi Geier along with us. We look forward to a repeat performance in 2022/5783.

Thanks to Mark Smith who has taken over many responsibilities at Temple. Your Yom Kippur Appeal was very well delivered and received. We join you in looking forward to a healthy, happy successful New Year.

I thank Victor Pearlman for again providing us with the JCC for our services. The staff at the center is always very helpful to set up and take down all that has to be done to make the auditorium into a Temple for our very important 3 days.

Our services were very well done but we did miss Cantor Larry Fader who has been our Cantor for 20+ years.

Cantor Fader was instrumental to having Gustavo Geier become our rabbi and we are very thankful for all the help he gave us to choose a Rabbi for Temple Beth El.

The years we spent with Cantor Fader were a joy for us and we do know he was very happy to become a valued and beloved member of the Beth El family.

Cantor Fader you will always be part of TBE, you will always be welcome at our services and from me to you on behalf of our congregation you are very loved. We wish you good health, happy days and only the best on a daily basis.

To all who read this message in the bulletin on our New Year, may all our days be safe, healthy and happy.

Most Sincerely, Mundy


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