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September 2023 | Message from our president


Come see our new Ark! It is a masterpiece created by craftsman Solomon Goldbas. After months of planning, designing and executing, the Aron HaKodesh was installed and dedicated at the end of August. There is an article in this issue of the Temple Times.

Our High Holiday services will be held in the large sanctuary at Temple Beth El conducted by Rabbi Geier, Elliott Rabin and special lay leaders. You will find the schedule of our holiday services in this issue of the Times.

Rabbi continues to teach Torah and Hebrew classes each week for adults. His classes are informative, lively and entertaining. Please join us since it is never too late to have some fun while learning! Religious School classes will resume in September.

We are working hard to keep the 104 year-old Conservative Jewish Presence in the Utica area alive. The success of our Temple lies with each and every one of you.

Stanley Shapiro was a dedicated member and worked endlessly to bring our temple family together. He will be greatly missed, and I will miss hearing "Marsha, do you have a minute?"

I hope one day soon you will join us on Shabbat, the High Holidays and the festivals including lunch in the Sukkah.

Wishing each and every one of you a happy and healthy 5784,



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